Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20 Things to Balance All That Negativity

In other words, things I like.  Which is mostly food.

1. The smell and feel of marshmallows.
2. Boxed mac and cheese.
3. The smell of raw meat.
4. Crawling over sidewalks and construciton when driving a Jeep.
5. When the deer follow me to work in the morning.
6. Stocking/organizing yogurt, Jell-O, milk gallons, and spices.
7. Talking about my fish.
8. Kale, for its fleshy crunch that I often crave.
9. Little Cesar's cheese pizza.
10. Feeding the ducks.
11. Popcorn, tortilla chips, and fries, all without salt.
12. Little cookie cutters.
13. When cats fall asleep on you.
14. The way a grocery cart looks when it's full of fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs.
15. Food in glass bottles and jars.
16. When calves suck on your fingers.
17. Those first tiny bits of green from seeds sprouting.
18. McDonald's derpy cheeseburgers and mushy fries.
19. Soft serve vanilla ice cream in a cake cone.
20. Making dinner for my husband (especially when he likes it.)