Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frankly, my dear...

I've learned a few things since moving from California to Utah.  Most of these things have to do with altitude, and the weird stuff that comes from it.  The other bit seems to be cultural, but may just be college.  Here's a nifty list:

20 Things I've Learned Since Joining the Bubble

1.  You get dehydrated faster than the locals.
2.  So you have to drink more water.
3.  Therefore, if bathrooms were airplanes, I'd be a frequent flier.
4.  Your hair dries faster.  Sooner than you'd anticipate.
5.  Tissues are good to keep on hand in case of sudden nosebleeds.  Like on Sunday mornings.
6.  A flight of stairs at home is a lot easier than a flight of stairs here.
7.  You can buy individual eggs.
8.  You have to bring something to carry them in if you do.
9.  Cookies are flat.  There doesn't seem to be any way around this.
10.  If you have a muffin pan, loaf pans are a joke.  So are cake pans.
11.  Chocolate milk is of the gods.
12.  Western Family makes EVERYTHING.
13.  Shoes wear out reeeeal fast.
14.  You can't dress according to the weather.  You're just going to have to suck it up and get used to it.
15.  Anything you need should be within a fifteen minute walk.  If it's farther than that, it's not that important.
16.  Jaywalking is like breathing.  Everybody does it.
17.  When people ask you where you're from, you have to name the closest major city to your actual hometown.
18.  It's important to go to football games with people who know practically everything about football.  This makes for a much more enjoyable (and knowledgeable) experience.
19.  Vending machines are a wonderful thing.
20.  And lastly, naps are like chocolate milk and jaywalking.  Of the gods, and everybody does it.